Top 5 Family Photographers in Saskatoon

Angela Porrelli November 3, 2022

Need to get your family photography done in Saskatoon? We got you!
We listed down the 5 best photographers in the area so you can immortalize your special moments with your loved ones. Check them out below!

Karyn Kimberley

Karyn Kimberly is not only a photographer but also a content creator and social media strategist. She applies her background knowledge and experience as a digital strategist at The Social Consultants. Karyn also contributes to lifestyle blogs and publications. Because of her penchant for beautiful things, Karyn is propelled by design, aesthetics, and social culture.
Karyn specializes in portrait, lifestyle, content, and brand photography. One look at Karyn's Instagram feed will tell you that she has a keen eye, especially in terms of capturing the beauty of her subjects. She was able to tell their story in a distinct and elegant way. 
Reach out to Karyn if you like to know more about what she can do for you!

Lisa Landrie

At such an early age, Lisa Landrie already knew that photography was her calling. She realized she had wanted to be a photographer ever since she picked up her father’s canon film camera. And up until the present, she never stops capturing special moments using her photography skills. 
Lisa specializes in corporate, lifestyle, and editorial photos. However, she can photograph other occasions as well. If you have your own brand, Lisa can help you with your logo so you can leave a creative footprint in this world. You can even commission Lisa to do your abstract texture art for you!
Lisa’s packages start at $650 for graduations, $750 for family photo packages, and $3000 for weddings. You can ask for a quotation for photography for other events. If you want to see her talent first before booking, you can check out her creative portfolio. It’s available on her website, Instagram page, and Facebook page.

Janna Gobeil

Janna Gobeil was actually an art/photography teacher before she had kids. Now, she creates art through the captured moments of mothers, children, and families. She aims to make your memories beautiful and immortalized forever. She believes that moments should be collected together by families. 
To make your photo session perfect, Janna’s studio has a client closet where you can choose the ideal wardrobe for you. They also have a styling guide to bring it all together. You just need to bring your simple undergarments, and they’ll take care of everything else for you!
Janna’s craft has two distinct styles. Her studio work can be described as simple, clean, neutral, and bright. They are meant for babies, grandparents, and motherhood sessions. Meanwhile, her outdoor work is jam-packed with movement, colour, and texture. Families and grads can book those from April to October, depending on the weather. 
Her pricing begins at $175 for sessions and $450 for digital collections. Families typically invest about $700-$1400 per session. You can message Janna for full pricing information.

Erin Crooks

Erin Crooks has more than 10 years of experience in the industry, and she specializes in portrait, lifestyle, and wedding photography. But she can photograph for other types of content as well. 
She aims to capture the special moments in your life that you’ll like to go back to many years from now. She believes that looking at old photos can take you back in time and bring you nostalgia with it. Erin loves to bring out the best in you and everyone else.
For her wedding photography, her craft can be classified as a documentary and editorial style. This is where she covers everything - from the tiny details to the biggest moments of everyone at the wedding. The wedding photos will be a reminder of moments that should be cherished for a lifetime and by future generations.
Meanwhile, for Erin’s lifestyle photography, she immerses herself in telling people’s stories in a unique and personalized way. She loves shooting outdoor sessions during spring, summer, and fall. Ideal areas have lots of grass, trees, and sunshine, but overcast skies can work as well!
Book a session with Erin today so you can get your preferred schedule!

Jess Lee

Jess Lee is the only guy on this list, but he has the most experience out of all of them. Jess has more than 40 years of experience as an editorial nature and fine art photographer. He contributed to thousands of publications which include National Wildlife, National Geographic, Sports Afield, and many more.
Jess uses state-of-the-art tools to create genuine, large, and high-resolution images. He captures wonderful visions at moments that make the photos come alive to the viewer. He does it with well-planned composition, knowing the significance of analyzing details, and the patience to look for the ideal light.
The finished product is the best print available to improve your space, give you joy, and help you mentally drift into the print’s essence like other collectors around the world.
The best part about Jess is that he shares his knowledge and experience through his photography workshops and tours. His classes will allow you to explore great locations while you learn how to create images that will stand above the crowd. You’ll also learn how to share your story and passion through your photos.
Be sure to check out Jess’ craft on his website! 

Final Thoughts

Photographs can be used to reminisce on the important moments in our life. And the perfect images will take us back to those times as if they only happened yesterday. That’s why it’s important to collect them as much as we can.
If you ever need someone to capture those special memories, be sure to reach out to the photographers that we mentioned on this list!



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