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Discover the Saskatoon real estate market with The List by AP, led by Angela, a seasoned agent with over 20 years of expertise. Angela offers deep insights into market trends, property valuation, and buyers' needs, ensuring you have a competitive edge. Her personalized "List" matches properties to your specific criteria, uncovering hidden gems in Saskatoon. Benefit from her creative marketing strategies to attract quality buyers and win in competitive bidding. The List by AP is more than listings; it's a journey to your real estate success. Looking for your dream home or selling for top dollar? Contact Angela and experience the difference with The List by AP.


"Angela is talented in navigating tricky markets, narrowing client decisions and leading the nuanced conversations in heritage homes, high tech properties and niche real estate."


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Work with Angela, a skilled Saskatoon real estate professional, adept at navigating complex markets. Specializing in heritage homes, cutting-edge high-tech properties, and unique real estate sectors, Angela excels in refining client choices and leading detailed discussions. Contact Angela today to experience a distinct advantage in your real estate endeavors.