Greenbryre Estates

Greenbryre Estates

Nestled just on the city's edge but retaining the charm of suburban exclusivity.

Welcome to Greenbryre Estates

Experience the perfect blend of luxury living and active lifestyle
Nestled just on the city's edge but retaining the charm of suburban exclusivity, Greenbryre offers a lifestyle that caters to those who desire space, sophistication, and activity. With expansive lots and meticulously designed homes, Greenbryre seamlessly blends opulence with comfort. Here, families can enjoy the tranquility of large private spaces without sacrificing the conveniences of city life.

The area thrives with choices — whether you prefer a modern bungalow or a two-story French provincial, you'll find it in Greenbryre. Luxurious amenities such as pools, sports courts, and the golf course provide endless opportunities for both the introverted homebody and the active extrovert. It's the ultimate destination for living life on your own terms, with all the joys of the city and none of the commute.

What to Love

  • Family-oriented living with city conveniences
  • Unique septic systems; large lots for 'city' living
  • Customizable housing options, from lot size to visual styles
  • Plenty of winter events for those who want to get out of the house

Local Lifestyle

Greenbryre is more than just a neighborhood; it's a way of life. From sprawling one-third to three-quarter-acre lots to various home sizes and styles, everything is tailored to fit your taste.
The spacious surroundings allow for luxury amenities such as pools, sports courts, and a challenging golf course. A lively social scene at the 12 Grill restaurant and seasonal events add zest to life in Greenbryre. Whether you're a home-loving introvert or a gregarious extrovert, Greenbryre accommodates all. It's where elegance meets practicality, a perfect home for those ready to embrace a life less ordinary.

Dining and Entertainment

Dining and entertainment in Greenbryre are hallmarked by The 12 Grille at the clubhouse, where culinary excellence meets an inviting ambiance. Overlooking the beautiful golf course, it's the perfect spot to relish a meal.
Next door, the Pro shop stands as a testament to a golfer's paradise. From equipment to apparel, the shop has everything to elevate your game.
While the immediate community focuses on the golf course experience, nearby dining options, such as Leopold's in Rosewood, add diversity to your palate. Furthermore, pet owners will find delight in Hyde Dog Park, located nearby, ensuring that your furry friend is equally catered for.

Things to Do

While Greenbryre's allure lies mainly in its luxury and tranquility, it is not bereft of social engagements. The community often hosts golf tournaments, allowing you to challenge your skills and meet fellow enthusiasts.
During the winter months, Christmas parties light up the community. It's a time of festivity and connection, where neighbors come together to celebrate, laugh, and create memories.


Living in Greenbryre means adopting a hands-on approach to schooling, as there are no local schools, and buses don't service the area. Parents have the responsibility of driving their children to school, a small trade-off for the unique luxury and comfort that the community offers.

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