Varsity View

Varsity View

Stroll down the lively streets of Varsity View, and you'll quickly feel the bustling energy.

Welcome to Varsity View

Dynamic living with vibrant community vibes on academia’s doorstep
Stroll down the lively streets of Varsity View, and you'll quickly feel the bustling energy that this hip neighborhood radiates. Conveniently situated adjacent to the University of Saskatchewan, it offers an appealing blend of active, diverse, and modern living that effortlessly matches the pace of professionals, students, and investors.

Eye-catching homes with sleek interiors and low-maintenance yards have become a trend, attracting those who seek an upscale yet comfortable lifestyle. Whether you're planning to invest in rentals, seeking proximity to the university, or simply desiring a vibrant spot to call home, Varsity View welcomes you with open arms.

What to Love

  • Proximity to the University: perfect for students, professors, and medical staff.
  • Great potential for rentals, from whole homes to individual rooms.
  • Smaller lots add a unique charm.
  • If available, off-street parking is a significant perk.

Local Lifestyle

Nestled alongside the University of Saskatchewan, Varsity View pulses with an eclectic and vibrant lifestyle. Professionals, doctors, professors, and students find themselves drawn to the community, relishing the dynamic ambiance. Infill homes with fashionable interiors align perfectly with the tastes of professionals and investors alike, creating an exciting urban living space that combines the thrill of city life with the beauty of modern design. In homage to the scholarly crowd, there are a plethora of individually owned little libraries where visitors can take and/or leave books.

Dining and Entertainment

Varsity View offers a delightful array of dining and entertainment options to explore, including Filosophi Wise Cuisine, a remarkable dining destination that enchants with exceptional food and a cozy atmosphere.
Step inside Thien Vietnam 2 and be transported to the streets of Vietnam with authentic flavors and friendly service. Or check out Louis’ Pub. Cozy and inviting, this eatery serves up incredible food and craft beers in a laid-back atmosphere.

Things to Do

President Murray Park is a green space that offers a peaceful escape for picnics, sports, or leisurely strolls, providing a nice break from bustling city life. Part of the popular exercise path, Wanuskewin, runs behind the University along the river, providing breathtaking views. Don't miss the U of S Sculpture Garden and Observatory, both offering artistic exploration and astronomical delights.


  • Brunskill
  • Bishop Murray High School
  • University of Saskatchewan

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